2016 Home Design Trends – Hidden Lighting

Hidden Lighting

While bringing natural light into the home is a recurring theme, it can be easy to forget how important achieving a well-balanced artificial lighting scheme can be — many treating this element of the design as an after-thought, placing a few pendants and downlights wherever there’s space.

Consideration of your home’s lighting should be planned out well in advance, but some of this year’s architects have gone one step further and taken to introducing lighting within the fabric of the building.

Overall Winner Jake Edgley’s project (above) was no exception — in order to create the illusion of the glazed bridge (which connects the two halves of his London self-build) floating when lit at night, he attached strips of LEDs to aluminium foils (which act as a heat sink) and fitted these to the ceiling edges. The result is truly spectacular to see. In fact, this proved so atmospheric that Jake took to lighting the entire home from the room edges, with no downlights in sight. That’s not to mention the dramatic handmade pendants in the double-height stairwells.

Image and text courtesy of: Homebuilding & Renovating